Friday, April 15, 2005

Full of Wind

Today is windy. Tie a string to me or I'll fly away, like a maverick kite.
Remember Charlie Brown and his poor attempts at kite flying... those mean ole trees eating his kite every time. And how about his attempt at kicking the football...that mean ole Lucy pulling it away and the poor ole round-headed kid falling flat on his back... You gotta admire him for being tenacious.

Someone should write the Tao of Charlie Brown.

But I dooooo feel better today. It's sunny and though windy, still a brighter day than the grayness of yesterday.

Am I a bad person for thinking that people are on a plateau above animals? I have a few friends who are obsessive animal-lovers and yesterday I got in a debate with one of them about how some states are hunting feral cats... I am for it. There I said was one of the topics I wanted to go off on yesterday. Until you've had feral cats (I'm not taking about one or two cute kittens living in the bushes. I'm talking over 50 wild dirty and diseased cats), you don't understand where those that suggest taking them off the protected animal list are coming from... I think one of the alternative suggestions given is trapping the cats and neutering dollars at work, my friend. Personally, I think in another 10 years we'll have to worry about coyotes instead--they'll soon be over-populating all the states and once that happens, most of the feral cats will be gone...yummy tasty dinner for coyotes. (I wonder if PETA peeps will come picket my house now)

Since I'm at it, I'll say this too...I'm for the Death Penalty, except I think the punishment should be fitting for the crime. There was an article about how Lethal Injection might not be painless. It's like this...if the courts can allow a disabled woman to be starved to death, then a painful death for criminals like Scott Peterson should be allowed too.

Ten years ago today, my paternal Grandmother died. I was the one who basically took care of her---such as making sure she had food stocked, that her bills got paid on time, took her to doctor appointments, etc. She was walking down the interstate and a car hit her at 55 MPH. She lasted a few days but eventually died from trauma to her organs. I miss her every day. Maybe when I can find the words, I'll write about her one day soon.

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