Tuesday, April 19, 2005

hey.. It's Tuezdaze

I've been a busy worker bee these last two days.
Between restorations, I've been working on an online store at Cafe Press. Uploading images of my tamer art for coffee mugs, journals, t-shirts, etc. Once I get it up to date, I'll link it here.

Yesterday I had a laugh... well, it was a delayed laugh. I made a small error at around noon. Wrote down a deposit on the wrong order form--a small mistake since Dad's desk is always tornado struck. I'm amazed I could find anything. He saw it right away and...sat on it for 5 hours. He waited until a customer came in to see me and while she was there, pointed out my error. Can we say "POWER PLAY." He used to do it all the time when I was more involved in the day-to-day running of the studio. I didn't laugh. The customer said, "Mr. John, no one's perfect. You should be glad that Miss Sherrie doesn't do that as often as my secretary does." I laughed later. Because his attempt at tossing dirt on me fell short.

It's sad... I really detest my father. I love him...but...don't like him. It took me years to get over feeling guilty for my true feelings.

Let's see what else is going on... Kept the nephews last night. William didn't want to get a bath. His excuse was "I'm not big enough to take a bath. I'm a little boy." ...lol... I'm writing all his excuses down so that when he's older I can pull out the little book and say... "hmmm you used that one when you were 6. Pick another one."

I'm behind in my email. I owe some of you letters. You know who you are...and I'm sorry I haven't written. Maybe tonight after "Closer" (I rented it), I'll be able to slip online and catch up.

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