Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Planting Flowers and Seeds

Yesterday my sister was still feeling the effects of her accident. She dropped by the studio for a moment. I took one look at her face--it was white--and I knew she was feeling terrible. Ben was with Mom, shopping and William was at my house with John, my brother. I told her I would keep the boys for the evening, so she could rest. I thought she was going to cry from relief. Yes, I had a headache but I knew she felt worse.

I called the house to tell John that if Mom arrived to leave Ben there, because both boys were staying the night. Got the answering machine instead. I left a message. When I got home, Ben and Mom were outside. William was indoors with John. I went in and put my stuff up. John was on the computer and when I called couldn't reach the phone in time.
He said, "William answered you when you left that message. When you said, 'Is anyone home?' He said, 'We're here.' Then when you said, 'Has everyone ran away to the circus?' William said, Ben did.'" lol..that kid.

He came outside with me though. Mom left and I decided to put the boys to work and do some yard jobs, like planting seeds and moving some plants around. When I would dig a hole, Ben would fill it back up. I finally had to think of another job for him to do or I would never get those plants in the ground. When we planted the seeds, William said they were going to be big trees tomorrow.

We had pancakes and applesauce for supper and watched Jimmy Neutron. I love that show. After we ate, William had some homework and once it was done, I put the boys in the bath. I think half the yard was in there with them. I told them that I didn't recognize them after they were clean. Neither got the joke. lol...

When they went to bed, we said our prayers and they both gave me kisses and told me they loved me. I think that's when my headache finally went away.

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