Monday, April 18, 2005

Ah...Monday... the sweet taste of Fresh Donuts

I had a donut today...sue me.

Nice weather... warm with a pleasant breeze. Flowers in full bloom, the first blush of spring... and I saw my first hot studmuffin in a tank top today. It was all I could do to keep from ripping the tank off with my teeth. But I somehow kept in control. In fact, I'll have to start spiking my morning coffee with WillPower so I won't be tempted to mount the half-dressed boy toys walking around.

I survived Prom night. Got home after 9:30. Long day-night. We photographed a lot and I was surprised to see that 99% of the kids were well-mannered. We usually get 25% that are hard to get along with. It was the parents and family who came along with one girl that caused all the noise. I had to go into the camera room and remind them that I had customers waiting for their session and to stop harassing my photographer. Chastising parents instead of that's a fine role-reversal.

The girls were pretty in their gowns--red, pink and powder blue were the colors this year. A lot of the guys had on matching vests and ties instead of bowties. I had to pin on at least 10 boutineers. It was fun to see the outfits, the acrylic nails and the heels that half of the girls couldn't walk in.

My way worked like a charm. LeDena and I had them in and out quickly. Stress free until Dad showed up the last hour of shooting. He drove like the devil from High Point, afraid I had things in a mess. He was surprised to see how in order I had the shoot. Then he insisted on taking the rest of the photos and behold.... we became congested. He took too long on each setting and the kids had to wait over 25 mins --LeD and I had them out in 10 tops. Sadly, Dad won't admit my way is better.


Jo said...

Yeah like any dad is going to say that their way isn't better than yours...

Yes my dad drove me nuts yeaterday too... i am working from home today... with my phone on silent !!!

sarah hb said...

Heya Sherrie
Just thought I'd let you know that I've left some comments about typo's etc. on your Irish Pirate blog. Sorry it's taken me so long to check it out - things have just been kind of hectic lately.
The story is sounding great. Keep it coming :)