Thursday, April 28, 2005

I blog there fore I am

Dad's departed to F-ville for something. He'll be gone about 2 hours. I'm finished with my cerebral stuff. Now I"m printing order forms, gift certificates, etc. While I'm doing that I thought I would pound on the keyboard until something blog-worthy came out.

I think I'll start accessing my potential dates on that note... Give each one a once over and ask him "Are you blog worthy?"

If he doesn't know what a blog is...then he's ...those that know may stage the date so that they'll get a guest star appearance here.

If you think about it...if you make an appearance here, then you're worthy in my opinion. After all this is the tramping ground of my inner thoughts, my musings and my rambles. If you've pierced my inner sanctum, then you're definately worthy of key strokes.

Let's see what's on my mind...hmmmm.. ummmm.. ermmmm... (thinking sounds)...oh...yea...

The Incredibles! Really cute movie. On the lines of Shrek but not as punny. I love the how even though they're a super hero family that they still act like a normal family with the way the husband and wife banter, the kids fight and how when faced with adversary they stick together. I love it. And will probably add it to my DVD collection.

Speaking of collection....I got some new nail polish for the summer. Pale pink. Pink is in this year. I now own 3 new pink summer tops and a pair of satin like ballet shoes (pink) with ribbon ankle ties. They'll go great with summer skirts and sundresses. Light and airy.

Tomorrow is the start of the Downtown "Lunchtime on the Plaza." Music and burgers. The DARE band (Police) will perform. I'll try to take some photos. They're pretty good. We'll have a different band every Friday starting tomorrow and going to the Weekend before Memorial Day.

All this week, I've been listening to audio books at night. Blood and Smoke read by Stephen King is really spooky. The first story is called Lunch at the Gotham Cafe. EEEE.....EEEEEE.....EEEEEEEEE.... if you've read the story, you know what I'm talking about. The second story is called 1408. About a room that is haunted or rather has something frightening living in it. The # of the room =13. I"m at the part where the author(he's doing a series on haunted hotels) is at the door of the room. I'm too afraid to listen at night. I haven't gotten to the last story yet--In the Deathroom but I did read the story once. If you've read Everything's Eventual --one of King's short story collections, then you've read these stories. Stephen King lends a spookiness to the reading.

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