Monday, April 25, 2005

My sister and the nephews had an auto accident this weekend. A hit and run accident. The guy actually drove off! Didn't stop to see if they were okay--Lisa said they stared at each other for a moment and she sat in disbelief as he drove off so fast that he left tire tread marks. Ben didn't stop playing his nintendo gameboy during the accident. William was upset and kept asking Lisa "Why did you do that?" She called Mom who came and got the boys. As they were driving away he asked "Will the police come and get Mommy?" Poor guy... anyway no one was hurt seriously. Lisa bumped her head on the rear-view mirror and is stiff from bracing for the collision. The guy tried to come over into her lane. I kept the boys yesterday, so she could soak in a tub and rest. Ben kept saying "Mommy's car is broke." In case your wondering... my brother-in-law taped the bumper up so.  Posted by Hello

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