Wednesday, April 13, 2005

April 13 th

It seems like Friday the 13th .....
I keep having mishaps...I see an acroustic post forming...

My longevity test result is 95. Not surprising since many of the women in my family live to be well over 90. I had a great-great aunt who died at 105 in 99. My hope is that my mind be alert and I'll be able to pen haiku but most importantly pinched cute guys' butts until my final breath.

In spite of getting up early, I managed to get to work five minutes late...because I knocked my expensive foundation (makeup) off the vanity while putting on my daytime face. Pissed me off because its almost $13 a bottle and it shattered on the tile in the bathroom. I had to get on hands and knees with q-tips and get all the makeup out of the tiny cracks. But one good thing came out of it...the bathroom floor's complexion is flawless.

Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed is the current favorite movie at my house. The nephews and I dig Scoob's far out jiving footwork and groovin' afro. We dance along with him. As usual, William and I play our 'who will beat who in a race or fight'...I asked him who would win in a catfight --Velma or Daphne... his answer... Mrs. Norris (The cat in Harry Potter books.)..hey who can argue with that?

Had some nasty storms last night. Was on the PC at 11 and a thunderstorm came up with sharp lightning. Logged off and went to bed. Had the "Mist" by Stephen King on Audio CD. Its in 3-D Radio Theatre. Here I the dark listening and its storming outside and storming in the book. I need to thank the Higher Being for the added special affects, because the lightning flashing in my window added a second 'chill' factor to the CD. I give it 2 thumbs up. I burned a copy for future storms.

Autism...William is 3 on a scale of 10. Its Autism Awareness Month. We work with him, so he can learn to live and cope in the outside world. If he's still on the Autism scale in the 8th grade, he won't get a diploma when he graduates and my little man is too smart not to have the opportunity for college.

Please place pepperoni pizzas perpendicularly, pending penile penalties. (doesn't make sense because its a tongue twister I just made up)...Can you say it 3 times real fast?

So....if suddenly our culture had to start over like in ancient times...what would you contribute to society? Would you be a peddler? a Farmer? A craftsman? ....Me? I would be a Belly Dancing poet, entertaining villages and charming men out of their 'wares.' it could happen!.

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Tim said...

The Mist is a great short story.
I didn't know it was now in Audio Book form. Have to check it out.
Good luck with the Autism.