Wednesday, April 13, 2005


venetian blinds

sideways glance
firm yet shy

against the wall, posing
bare assets revealed

~ ~ ~ ~

hint of pink
hidden in chiffon

a nipple
makes a point

cool night air raises goosebumps
hot breath removes chill

~ ~ ~ ~

wailing girl
wild child with no shame

blonde hair swings
long legs dance

she has no inhibitions
admitting no fault

~ ~ ~

smoky air
miller lites chilling

chalked pool cue
foozeball fights

rock and roll on turn table
mony mony plays

~ ~ ~ ~

late at night
in a dreamlike state

huge doe eyes

stare out from a memory
are my secrets safe?

What the shorts are about:
I. A nice ass.
II. A nipple
III. About a wild girl I knew in college
IV. The best bar of the 80's
V. This one's about the boyfriend of the wild girl. He would sit and listen to our girl talk without making a sound. I still wonder if he told our secrets.

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