Monday, June 19, 2006

June 19

Another month is almost over and... I can't believe I haven't finished the magazine issue... guess it will be a June/July issue instead of just a June.

Had a great weekend. Dad enjoyed Sunday--we grilled steaks at my house. He and Ben had a Light Sabre fight. Was very funny to watch. I took a photo and will have to post it once I get some fresh batteries for the camera.

Al and I goofed off last night...watched "Signs" on cable. I find it funny how I have to explain things to most men I date when we're watching a movie. Did it with Charles...did it with loser Doug and do it now with Al...if I haven't it before hand, Al still asks questions. I think I'll start making up answers like I do when the boys ask me silly questions.

Had a girls' ...I mean Hens' night out this weekend...and you'll just have to guess at what we did because I can't break the code of silence or I'll be a dead chick.
But I will say this.. "no animals, children or male strippers were harmed."

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