Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another Wednesday...

I'm checking out the calendar and am realizng that another month is almost over. And I haven't begun on the June issue...oh well, it ususally takes care of itself.

Had a family reunion this past Sunday. Fun I didn't have to babysit the kids outside, either. They're getting old enough to play organized games like tag and hide-seek. I got a chance to spend more time talking to relatives I like who live out of town... and got a few photos of my great-grand parents. I'm sure I'll plaster them here once I get them copied.

Didn't get to see Al much... only Sunday afternoon and evening, but we made the most of it. (wink wink)

Was suppose to go on a beach trip with Ben's class yesterday. But I ended up keeping William who's been sick with a stomach bug. Watched Disney shows and some Nick Jr stuff. I learned my ABC's. So that's another thing off my New Year's Resolution list.'s mild out. But tomorrow...summer's hitting us at full strength.

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