Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pregunta style Poem

A Pregunta is a Spanish poetry style that's a dialogue between two
voices. One asks a question, the other answers. Both lines end in
rhymes... Here's my first attempt:

Love of Autumn

Will you still love me now that summer's done?
Yes, I'll still love you with the cooling sun.

With fall's chill, will your kisses be like frost?
As season's change our love won't become lost.

But will you promise that your love won't chill?
So long as you give me that special thrill.

Can you love me forever amid change?
I'll love you as long as you don't get strange.

Autumn holds promise of love, don't you think?
The promise is there on your lips, so pink.

Will you dance with me under a harvest moon?
I'll dance with you from Hell to high noon.

Wiil you stop talking and kiss me my dove?
I'll kiss you forever, lost in our love.

(Man, this totally fell flat at the end... I'll have to keep

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