Tuesday, October 10, 2006

French Mail... Moi!?

I've figured out how to get out of housework when I go visit Al.
Wear a French Maid outfit. I got one a few weeks ago and when I got to Al's house Saturday, he was there. He wasn't feeling all that great. His diverticulitis was acting up. I came in and said hi. Noticed the kitchen was a mess and the den a disarray of newspapers and other things. He said, "Sher-bears, will you make me some herbal tea?"

I said, "Sure, let me go change into something more comfortable."

So I went into the bedroom, put on my french maid outfit, complete with heels and fishnet stockings. When I walked into the den, I said, "Just so you know...not many men have it 'maid' like you do."

Needless to say... I didn't do any housework for a few hours.

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