Monday, October 30, 2006

While I've got a minute...

Thought I would update what's going on with me.

My birthday was ok. Sort of ...weird. Maybe it's because I'm now 44 and to me that seems like a strange number.

On my birthday morn, I got a call from one of my old college friends--Susie aka Banshee. She informed me that my old roomie, Amy's mom died over the weekend and she wanted me to go to the Wake that night. It was in Fayetteville. I knew where the funeral home was, so I said yes. Called mom and cancelled the birthday patry that night..or rather postponed it to Wed.

It was strange seeing Amy and Susie. Sort of awkward because so much time has gone by. I gave them my email addres. Both promised to write but it's been a week and no word.

My brother told me Jeri, one of my other roommates called while I was gone. I emailed her and she promised to call this weekend. Didn't hear a peep at all.

Wednesday evening was a blast. The boys were so excited that they bugged me to finish dinner. Mom fried spots and they were pretty good. Freshly caught at Holden Beach, NC by my brother-in-law. The cake my sister got me didn't have my name on it. Ben asked why. I told him it was there...only invisible. Which... caused him to say, "Oh now I see it." lol... damn I didn't.

And...the best present of all was William singing Happy Birthday to me... twice. He always runs away when we sing to anyone. I asked him why he sang to me, he answered, "Because you're sweet." I love my nephews.

I racked up on some Bath and Body Works products. My new official smell is "Japanese Cherry Blossom" is very me. Got some other goodies but for now...that's all I'm telling.

The rest of the week was a busy one. The weekend was nice. Went to a party dressed as a French Maid. When I was leaving, a person said, "Hey isn't the maid suppose to clean before she leaves?" Like that's gonna happen...

Yesterday I watched football on and off. Mostly priced stuff for a yard sale I'm having this Sat. I was sorting through closets, going to throw perfectly good stuff away until I remembered this saying "One woman's junk is another's treasure."

So I think I'll treasure a yard sale...and the money I rack up.

Oh yea.. Al's got several job offers. Which takes a load off all our minds. He has to figure out which to take and get his direction back.

Enough jibba jabba... time to get back to work.

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tooners said...

Happy late birthday!

Funerals are weird. The last one I went to was my aunts. My cousins were there, whom I haven't seen in YEARS... they all promised to email and write, but they didn't... and I haven't either. So much water under the bridge, I think.. and I don't really feel like I know them any more and not sure if I want to.

The french maid sounds cute... hope you had a fun time.