Friday, May 05, 2006

Here I am...

..........finally blogging.

I'm sorry I haven't been here. I must confess, I've missed blogging. Feel as if a part of me has been lost..and I know it's the part that pours everything out here.

Easter weekend was fun. I've got some Easter pictures of the nephews. I'll have to post them when I pull them off the camera.

Work has been so stressful. I keep thinking I just might run away but I know if I did someone would find me...and drag me back kicking and screaming. If it were due to an excess amount of work, I wouldn't mind the would be productive. But this isn't. I'm having to deal with Dad who has a digital learning curve...and he believes nothing I say. And keeps doing the same mistakes over. I finally called one of his photographer friends today...asked if he could come by tomorrow while it's quiet and talk to dad about his digital problems. I explained them in advance, because I know how Dad is...he'll pretend he has none. Maybe hearing things froma colleage will help him understand. I'm at my wit's end and if something doesn't improve, I'm running away to an exotic island somewhere.

Things with Al are mostly ok. There's a situation that really has been bothering me. It's to complex to go on about in this blog...but we're working on the situation. Hopefully it will be resolved. I do know this...I love him deeply. And will admit...the love has never died. He drives me nuts sometimes...but mostly, he makes me laugh. I'm happier than I've been in a long time...even if minor problems crop up. I know that I'm mature...he's mature and somewhere in the midst of the problems, we'll find a happy where we both can meet with arms open.

Damn...I got poetic.

I kept the nephews Monday night...we played on the computer doing games on yahoo. Ben sat in my lap and had the worse case of gas..I'm talking the invisible deadly type. I said, "BEN...where did you get that gas? It smells horrible!?

He said, "DOD...DOD gave it to me."

I echoed, "Dod? Dod?...oh you mean GOD." (He's still got a bit of a speech problem on some sounds)

He said, "Yes...Aunt Sherrie...Dod gave it to me."

I said, "Let's pray to God and ask him to take it back."

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tooners said...

that's sweet... i love the "dod" and him saying that "dod" gave the gas to him.

i hope that things smooth out. i hope the issue w/ al gets better. things always have a way of working out... even when they seem impossible.

work sounds hectic... but gosh, i'd love to be busy at work. i'm just dreadfully bored!