Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Devil, Flat Stanley and Diverticulitis

Phew...what a mouthful!

I knew I would said NEVER but well, hell's frozen over and I'm sleeping with the Devil again. Damn, I hope he calls the next morning...OH... In layman terms...I bought another HP printer ... it's temporary. Once we get the digital bugs ironed out, we'll invest in a more professional one.

Drove to Fayetteville to get it. I had planned to leave early but didn't get out of here until 6. Got the printer and decided to stay with Al for the evening. Much to his delight. Got here close to 8 and he had just got in from leaving a deposit on the condo. If his application is approved (he thinks there won't be a problem), he'll be the owner of a quaint condo.

He looked very pale when he got in. I knew something was wrong. His diverticulitis was acting up. He developed it a few years ago. I had him lie down and made him a light supper. In between bouts of pain, I rubbed his back. The pain would come in waves and stay away for as long as 30 mins, but when it returned it made him double over in pain. Poor guy. I fell asleep rubbing his back. He kept getting up all night. So I didn't sleep well. I hated to leave him this morning. He kept hugging me tight. Al's been on his own for so one to show him love until I returned.

William's 1st grade class is doing a project called "Flat Stanley"...its a paper doll that they mail out of town to a friend or relative who mails it back with a story about Stanley's adventures. Will sent his to Al and it was there last night. Al and I had some fun with the camera, goofing off with Stanley. Most of them can't be used but I did get some for the project. I'll write up a story tonight and tomorrow print the photos that we can use and mail them back to William's first grade teacher. I'm sure once the project is done, it will appear in the magazine.

Speaking of that...I'm sufferring from a horrible bout of writer's block. I'm struggling to write even the simplest of articles. Maybe my muse will grace me tonight.

And guess what I heard at the lumber yard???? Barry Bonds...and steroids?? Oh my!

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NLM said...

Flat Stanley visited with me a few years back. I took him to Philadelphia and snapped pics of him with the Liberty Bell, at Independence Hall, and with the Rocky statue, among other places. He then got sent back to my young cousin's class in upstate NY. He's a cute bugger!