Tuesday, March 07, 2006

weekend update continues


Sunday morning, we juiced, something Al's recently introduced me to. Back when we were breaking up, he got into the 'juice' rage. Bought a Juiceman Jr and began juicing. I never did. Now that we're back, he's convinced me to try it and I find it's better than I thought. I've even purchased my own juiceman.

We use a bit of spinach or parsley (I like parsley best..it makes your breath smell so good), a stalk of celery, a bunch of carrots (carrot juice is sweet) and an apple. We put a glass under the spout to catch the juice that's squeezed from the various fruits and vegetables. I like to drink it fast. It's frothy and slightly sweet. So that's what we did Sunday for breakfast.

We did some various errands around town and came back home for a while. I decided to call Granny. She's on a new med and I wanted to see how it's affecting her. So I went outside to talk since it was a nice day. First thing she said was "It's about time you called." I knew she wouldnt' remember that I've been calling often. Then she said, "I'm not doing good at all." She sounded so tired. I really think old age has caught up with her. I once told Mom that when it does, she'll be hit hard by it. We talked for about 20 mins. It breaks my heart to talk to her. I try not to cry and I usually succeed but I didn't yesterday. I guess we all have great hopes that the medicines will help her and so far they aren't doing much to make her feel better. When we hung up, I noticed that Al was in the back yard, moving tree branches. I went inside and cried for a minute. Trying to get myself under control. I had done a great job of it until he came into the room. He said, "What's wrong with your eyes?" (I forget they turned really red when I cry). I put my hand out and tried to walk away, because tears were returning. He grabbed me and pulled me into a big hug and wouldn't let me go until I cried it out. Al kept stroking my hair, saying "It's ok. I'm here for you. Go ahead and cry." I did...and realized that it was what I needed. Someone's shoulder to cry on.

That's one thing I don't do often. Is let someone see me cry. I'm the one who lets others cry on my shoulder. I rarely cry on someone else's. Maybe this is why Al's been sent back to me...to be my rock to cling too. This is a side of Al that I've never known. And it warms my heart to know its there.

We went to look at some property that's for sale and found a really cool condo. It's a one bedroom, one bath ground floor condo, facing the pool. It's at a really nice area of town and the asking price is $48,000. I thought it would be all ratty inside but there was new carpet down and the rest of the place was in almost mint condition. I think Al really wants it. He's suppose to talk to the owner today.

Afer that we drove around the area, since both of us weren't use to it. And found a nice wildlife reserve. I'll write about it in the Magazine, most likely. I took some neat photos of the lake at dusk. They're really pretty.

After our lake venture, we hit Walmart. Got a few things he needed and suddendly he said, "Let's go have fun." He guided me to the sporting department. I said, "Fun? There's fun in Walmart."

I will say this...the next time a guy says something about women and shopping, I will say..."Oh yea...what about guys and shopping for sporting goods! You take longer to pick out a golf club or a fishing rod than we do to pick out a shade of nail polish!"

I know we spent about 30 minutes, looking at rods. Finally he settled on one. I pointed out that one fishing kit (meaning it has the pole, rigging, line and lures in it) and said, "That's for salt water." He was impressed that I knew the difference. I guess he's forgotten I'm a 'fisherwoman' at heart. I'll have to go fishing with him this summer and show him I can catch more fish.

We got home and had a light supper. Watched a bit of TV. Suddenly, he got up..and got out his fishing tackle box. Then we messed with the line on his new pole, etc. I thought he was sorting his tackle box so that he could fish sometime this week, but he wasn't. He called me over and said, "When you go visit your Grandmother this coming weekend, take my tackle box. I remember how much she loves to fish. Take her to the pier, take a chair and let her relax. The box is ready and I've got the lines fixed. You know how to salt water fish. Remember...if you don't catch a fish, it's ok. Just enjoy your time together." He took the tackle box out to my truck and when he came back inside, all I could do was hug him...and kiss him tenderly.

That man has won back my heart...and there's no going back.

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tooners said...

I have a good juice... take strawberries, a little milk, sugar, lemon juice (not too much), those little oranges (starts w/ a "m").. can't remember their names and then ice. It's very nice, light and tastes real good. They make a lot of fresh juices here.. it's mainly what ppl drink. They drink a lot of avocado juice here (I can't stand it), but most ppl love it.