Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Rainy Day

We've getting some nice rain. It wouldn't be so bad if it was a warm day. But with the chill in the air, you feel as if you're damp down to your bones.

Had a decent weekend. Worked Saturday until 4. Then drove up to see Al. We cooked some delicious fish dishes and watched the NCAA games. He was called into work Sunday morning at 7 am. We had a round of wild sex in the den before he left. I told him that the grin he had on his face was a dead giveaway that he just got laid. He laughed and said, "Go look in the mirror." Then he kissed me deeply and left for work.

I did...and saw I had the same goofy grin.

I drove back home that morning at 9 am and picked up my brother. We drove to meet the rest of the family at Holden Beach--that's where Granny lives. My uncle Jerry and his wife Ann, their daughther Lynn and her hubbie Mark were already there. Lisa and the nephews showed up a few mins after we did. The last to get there was Mom and her boyfriend John. Granny looked good. She seemed to be having a good day, but I could tell at times that she looked distressed. I'm sure with all the people in her small house that it seemed overwhelming. I did my best to keep the nephews occupied.

Jewel--granny's husband, let me drive his golf cart with the boys hanging out of it. I was careful until I got the hang of it. I used to be Al's driver when he played golf in Rock Hill, SC. So it wasn't hard to acclimate to driving a cart again. We had fun. I think I'm ready for a turn around a golf course now.

Walked out to the pier that lead to the intracostal waterway. There were a bunch of broken shells on it. Sea Gulls drop clams and mussels from the air ..when they land on hard spots, they break open and the birds eat the occupants. William, Ben and I had a shell tossing contest. I cut my finger on one...nothing serious..just a small scratch. After that I pretended to pick up shells and throw them. I'm thinking in another year or two, it will be tough to fool the boys.

We left at around 3:30. William rode back with me. I turned the radio to the groovy 70's and 80's station and we tried to sing along with the songs. He also read any billboard we passed. He's amazed me before but when he got some really hard words right (he sounds them out), I almost drove off the road.

Once we were back at home, I put up the food we brought back with us. William played on the PC for a while and then I took him home. I was in bed really early. All that driving took a lot out of me

Al called last night. He got an approval letter for the condo. Now he has to come up with a down payment and it's his. He thinks he doesn't deserve all this good luck. It breaks my heart to hear him talk like that. Everyone makes mistakes...and we shouldn't have to pay for them for an eternity. I told Al that if he thinks he isn't worthy, then he won't have good things come his way. He needs to get over the idea that he's Karma's bitch. (yes John...I'm stealing from Earl).

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