Thursday, May 18, 2006

What? I can blog today??

Finally a moment to breathe...Dad's gone to do a shoot of some softball teams and I'm here goofing off between customers.

Last night Al called... 3 times and I hung up on him. Why? Because when I said, "Hello." He said, "Hold it..Hold it." In a really weird voice. I thought he was the obscene phone caller that's called several times in the last few weeks.

I decided to do the call return thing (*69) and see if the phone number was given, thinking if it was, I would turn him in to the phone gave me Al's number.

So I called it. He said, "You hung up on me..3 times."

I said, "Well, you sounded like the obscene phonecall guy. He says, 'Oh, baby...hold it...hold it... hold it... oh yea, you're on it now."

Al said, "I didn't know that."

I said, "Why were you acting goofy?"

He said, "Because I was holding my breath."

I said, "Ahhhhhhh.... you were in the bathroom."

He said, "Yeah..."


This morning, like every morning while I'm doing my morning stuff, I wear those little velcro rollers in my hair until it's time for work...and on occasion, I do drive to work wearing them. This morning I could have sworn I had all of them out. I stopped at the office supply store a few blocks away before hitting work. A guy in truck pulled up at the same time, parked beside me but I was out of my truck quicker. He smiled at me and as I walked ahead, I heard him say, "Excuse me."

I turned to him, wondering what he needed, and he said, "Hmmm, did you know you had a curler in your hair? I know some women wear them out in public but you don't look like the type."

I didn't and was mortified to feel one hiding at the back of my head. I said, "Oh man! Thanks." He smiled and said, "Not a problem."

While I was in the store, he kept smiling at me. I hurried and got my stuff and while I waited at the check-out for one of the associates to ring me up, I noticed a really handsome man standing close by. He must have been waiting for something, because he stood off to the side. I'm talking GQ handsome--expertly cut suit and tie, expensive shoes and manicured fingernails--probably a salesman. He kept smiling at me and I smiled back a few times and then tried to ignore him while thinking, "Stop undressing him in my mind, Sherrie."

He said, "Excuse Miss "Cherry." (I'm wearing a black T-shirt that has two cherries on it and some white shorts with sandals).

I looked at him, sort of smiling and wondering, "What can he want?"

He asked, "Do you know of a place around here that's cozy and intimate but serves delicous food? I'm starving."

I said, "Sure...the B W Grille on 3rd street. It's sort of pricey but worth it."

He said, "Great. When shall I pick you up and where?"

Oh I laughed at that. I declined...mainly due to the wedding ring I saw. Can't have some wild woman going "Jerry Springer" on me at the Grille.


Earlier this afternoon, I gave a future Bride a lecture on men and football time. I'm not talking game. More like how some men figure time. Like Al... Sunday, he told me that we would be through with an errand in 20 minutes--it took 2 hours. Later, he said he would be home in 5 mins--it took 45 minutes. My dad's the same way...when he says he'll be back in a minute--I figure it will be 2 hours. But like I told the bride--it's a great loop hole. Like, when I'm getting dressed and beautified and Al is impatient, dressed and ready to go...I hold my hand up when he complains and I say, "Football guys invented it so that 2 minutes equals 30 or more. Now go watch TV until I'm ready." And I usually call out that I'm ready a few minutes before I am, because I know he's on football time and will need a few minutes before we rush out the door.


My friend Jeff--a dj in Greenville wrote that a Chiropractor from Lumberton was at his station doing spots for advertisements of his new practice. It was weird because I knew some of his family. Funny how small the world can be.

The courthouse was closed and blocked off for a few hours today due to a bomb threat. Someone found a box on the stairs in the back and they called the police, who called the bomb squad. Now that's a really bad idea...using a fake bomb threat as a way to get out of going to traffic court. Hey... remember this...they reschedule these things!

Tonight, I have to keep William for a few hours, while Lisa and Mom's work has their art show. I guess we'll play computer games or watch a movie--depends on what he wants to do. Afterwards is the CSI finale. Can't miss that one.


Sandra said...

Damn. If the wedding ring wasn't there, it would have been a very romantic story!

tooners said...

yes, i do agree!

and i'm not one to talk while on the toilet... but the hubby does it. phones in the bathroom, unless your in the tub... i don't get. i understand it.. but i don't get it. if that makes sense! ;)