Monday, March 27, 2006


The weekend was pretty decent. Was suppose to see Male Strippers on Friday, but one of the 'hens' couldn't make it--the Designated Driver. I had agreed to go but only if I could drive separately from them. Since Al lives a mile for the club, I had made up my mind to go and jump his bone after the show... and in doing so, the hens would have to see themselves home. Since Cricket couldn't go, they cancelled the trip. I didn't mind. It's always nice to see oiled toned young men in thongs, but the idea of not being able to sample the goods...and having to stuff money down their 'panties' to get a dry hump from them..sort of kills the romance of it all. Al was sort of disappointed though...he wanted me to rock his world. I reminded him Saturday night that I don't need unfullfilled fantasies of male strippers to rock his world.

So... I stayed home Friday night. Worked for a while Sat and went to Al's around 3pm. We hung around and did different things around the house. Went to the grocery store. Al was supposed to work Sunday, so we hit the bed early. Fell asleep two hours later. ;)

Al thinks that I should get up if he's up. So at 6 am Sunday, he pulls the covers off me and tells me something. With one eye open, I stumble to the kitchen and stand there for about five minutes. He's in the shower, so I stumble to the bathroom and say, "What did you tell me to do?" He laughs and tells me again. I stumble back to the kitchen with one eye open and still can't remember.

After 3 turns of this back and forth, it finally soaked into my brain...Al wants BREAKFAST. BLT sandwich! He had started the bacon, so I didn't have to worry about that part. But it took me forever to get it together. He kept coming into the kitchen to laugh at my hair, which had a mind of its own and was standing straight up. I reminded him that "he" helped create the bedroom hair look.

After he hustled out the door, I went back to bed thinking that I had 6 hours to do whatever I wanted. Since I was partly awake, I knew I needed to relax, so I got out my little vibrating egg and set to work...'relaxing'. When I get in the 'relaxing' mood, I tend to drag it out. No immediate need to climax. Just enjoy the feel good that only a vibrating egg to the clit can produce. I mapped out my plans for the morning.

1-vibe with my egg
2-nap for a few hours
3-make eggs, bacon and toast with almond swiss chocolate coffee.
4-do some laundry
5-watch a movie, while working on the class reunion contact list.
6-sweep the floor
7-make lunch for when Al gets home

I was almost almost asleep, when I heard a noise. It was Al, standing at the foot of the bed with a pair of my panties on his head. He was laughing at me, because I was vibing. "Didn't you get enough last night???"

"Define enough!"

He laughed and said, "Get a shower, we're going to Wrightsville Beach." I looked at the clock and it was just 7:50 am.

It seems that the night time cleaning crew had spilled a bunch of chemicals in the are Al was working in and fumes were too strong, so they sent everyone in that department home.

So at 9 am, we were on the way to Wrightsville Beach. One of Al's friends (Darryl) lives there. He isn't one of my favorite people but I tolerate him. I was interested in meeting his new wife, because I wondered what kind of woman would marry him. She seemed nice enough--sort of dizzy but nice. Darryl is the kind of guy who is always telling you about all the people who are trying to undermind him or who's taking advantage of him, etc. He's the biggest crybaby I know. And heaven help it if a woman out fishes him...which I did.... when we went fishing yesterday. Caught 2 skates and some sort of puffy fish. I was the only person who caught something worth what's up with fishermen when a woman catches more than they do? They called it luck when I caught a skate... but said it was skill when they got something as small as bait fish. I'm sure Jeff Foxworthy knows that anwser.

So I was pretty happy that I got to try out my new fishing rod. We left at 4:30 and got home around 7. Al's one of those people who have to make a lot of pitstops.

I really enjoyed the ride there and back. It was just Al and me. We talked some. Sang to the radio. Played some trivia pursuit (20 questions that were in the entertainment part of the newspaper). We told jokes and laughed a lot. Put my favorite part was how we could be silent together. During those times, one of us would look at the other and smile or touch. Comfortable silence. Those are the best kinds.

Man, I was exhausted from the drive when we finally got home. We had stopped at a Ma and Pa type deli for a sandwich on the way home and that helped with supper. All we wanted was a slice of cherry pie and some ice cream. We watched a movie that someone had given Al for Xmas.. "Evolution." It was ok. Had some funny parts in it. I finally couldn't keep my eyes open, so I went to bed around 10 pm. Al's diverticulitis acted up most of the night and he slept on the couch so he wouldn't disturb me, which made me feel guilty because I slept like a baby while he was in pain.

He felt better this morning and sent me home with a smile on my face. ;)

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