Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Still am Artist

Earlier this morning, the Alzheimer's Care Director at the nursing home I worked at from 81-82 came by to see if I would donate some of my original art--framed of course--to a silent auction benefit for the Alzheimer's Care Unit. It's to raise money for research. I said yes. I have many pieces that just need a good frame.

I asked the lady how did she hear about me. She said that one of the nurses that several of the nurses and a few of the children of some of the patients told her about me. I'm used to being known as a photographic restoration artist, but the "painter lady" side of me isn't very well known. Or so I thought. I guess because I haven't been active in the painting world since the early 00's, I thought people who were familiar with me back then would have forgotten the fact that I do paint and sketch.

Now that Granny has Alzheimers, it will be added to small list of charities that I support: Cerebral Palsy, Austism and now, Alzheimers.

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tooners said...

this is a wonderful thing! i'd love to see some of your work.