Friday, October 06, 2006


The above is an oil pastel of the very first nude I sought to paint. I've never been that great with drawing the human body, much less painting it, so I decided to go the easy way and do a backside view. I personally was pleased with the results.

On an adult site, I like to play on (no I'm not listing the url...I sort of like the privacy I have there and it's not my space)... I posted this piece of art in the photo section of my profile so another member could view a sample of my erotic art. I didn't want to compromise my email address. Like I said...I like my privacy. In my photo section, I have other photos of myself, too. Like on most 'entertainment' sites, this one has photo commenting.

I received this comment from a guy from Canada:

HI Thanks for posting. It is a shame you are so far away. I like all your photos except for this one. Photography agrees with you. Not to be critical the art could use some improvement. its a nice picture but you fail to capture the emotion of what you were feeling at the time you painted it and is shows on the Canvass.

Thanks for posting and feel free to write if you would like to discuss the art

For some reason, this comment bothered me. And at first I was going to ignore it but felt I should reply.

Thanks for the comment. I've deleted the photo because I didn't mean for it to be up for long. A member wanted to see some erotic art and I posted the photo of the painting because I didn't want to breech my privacy by revealing my email address.

Actually, the painting was an experiement. I usually dabble in watercolors or pen and ink. I was very shy about painting a nude, which is why I painted only the backside of her--a relunctant subject, because that's how I was feeling--relunctant at attempting this form of art. To me, the painting does reflect my mood. I feel I captured the emotion I sought. But how can you say I didn't capture the mood I was attempting, when you don't know the mood I was attempting to capture?

Art is meant to be interpretion of the viewer as well as the artist. You comment was welcomed and is appreciated. But I really have no desire to improve upon something I thing is fine as it is. Thanks for offerring to discuss it.

Take care and have a great day.

Take care.

I can see where this guy's coming from. Every piece of art I look at I see something that needs improving. The same with photography. And poetry and writing..and well, a lot of things. But I never tell someone they didn't capture a mood. How do I know what mood they were in? I write gothic poetry when I'm as happy as can be. There are times when I post jokes or write something silly and I'm sad. But I would never tell someone... say another blogger that they didn't capture their mood, when they're writing about football or music or whatever.

Moods are moody...

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