Monday, June 02, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

Well, we ended up seeing Horton hears a Who instead of Nim's Island. I'm glad we did.

Early Friday evening, I called my sister to discuss which Saturday's movie choices. I read off to her all the kids' movies that were playing at the Omni. She said, "Let the boys pick which one. Then call me back."

So I took the newspaper into the computer room where they were playing games and said, "Ok guys... pick which one of these movies you want to see Saturday afternoon.

1- Nim's Island
2- Spiderwick Chronicles
3) Morton Smells a Poo (I wanted to see if they were listening)."

They were. And took a good 15 mins to correct me. I had a phone call and laid the paper down on the ironing board. When I returned, the guys were pouring over the movie guide and marking X's through all the movies they didn't want to see all the theaters listed.

The only one circled was Horton Hears a Who. I was sorta shocked because they usually perfer real acton movies over animation.

But now I'm glad they did. I really thought the movie would be more of "Horton Smells Like Poo," than a really cute and funny family movie. I laughed out loud more than the boys did. Jim Carrey wasn't over the top like he can be in these kind of movies...the animation was clever and the humor was sly and swift oft times.

Horton's influence on the "kids" made me think of how I influence my nephews. After finding the 'speck' and helping it land on a 'clover', he told the kids about it and they were seen a few moments later, all carrying clovers and telling Horton what type of world their specks were. One fuzzy little round thingie said, "My world has ponies on it and they eat rainbows and poop butterflies."

Oh man I lost it...I wanna live in a world like that!

The movie was really cute and I will probably watch it again if it ever shows up on HBO or Encore. My score A-.

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