Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thirsty Thursday

I'm very thirsty today. So far I've had a mug of coffee, two glasses of milk and... am on my third glass of water. Heaven help me if the flood gates open and I can't find relief.

Will and I are getting into our Tues and Thurs morning routine. He's up at 8 am, tapping on my door. For some reason he won't log on the computer without my grace. Then I lay down for another twenty mins to let my mind wake up. Up at 8:25 am. Get some coffee and hang out with him for thirty mins. Get a shower at 9 am. Then dressed and stuff.. at 9:30 am I start breakfast and he's eating by 10 while watching TV. At 10;30 he dresses himself and we brush our teeth. I've learned that he does a better job if we do synchronized brushing. Then I rush to work and hope for the best for him and my brother (who sleeps in until 11 or noon).

Last night William told me his day went better if he had a schedule to follow. I humorously said that so did mine. He grabbed a piece of paper & pen and asked me to make his schedule. But really what he meant was "I'll make it, you write it down." And he did. He told me exactly what he wanted to do today and I wrote it down along with the time he would spend on each task. We stuck it to the fridge and this morning as the morning went along, he marked off each task he completed.

I wonder if I'm creating a Bush Zoombie Brain. (inside joke..sorry)

Lisa called at around 10:15 and asked if Ben could spend a few hours at the studio with me. I said it would be fine. So he'll be here at 2 and stay til 4. He can play on the old PC and talk to Dad if Dad's around. Or I'll give him some small tasks to do. He's a good little worker bee.

Feeling alot better now that my feminine thing has started. It's amazing how the stress and depression flows away (pun intended).

My brother is treating me to dinner tonight at Ruby Tuesday. There's a new one off exit 17 and it doesnt' get as crowded as the one off exit 22.

I'll start working on my little table this weekend, sanding off the rough spots and paint so the new coats. Probably do some bamboo sketches and think on how much bamboo I want on the table and where. Then I'll start on the 40 x 30 canvas. I think I'll paing bamboo on it or...maybe some Asian letters that mean something wise. After that I'll work on the huge book case I inherited. My dream is to eventually create a bamboo room (a library/art room)...course this room will have to be in a future home...hopefully my own place or Al's (if he ever gets his act together so we can get married).

My dreams have always been simple and pleasurable. I don't need anything complicated to make me happy...just love.

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