Monday, June 30, 2008

Another June is about to bite the Dust

Wow... 2008 is half over! So far it's been an ok year. No major complaints this way.

Granny was able to go home Saturday. Mom stayed until yesterday evening and she said Granny was getting along ok. I called and talked to Mom around 5 pm Saturday. She said Granny was piddling around and dealing really good with the aftermath of the surgery. She was sore but not in any majore discomfort. Mom said, "Sherrie, talk to her for a few minutes. You're the only one who can make her laugh."

So I did and Granny laughed a few times at some of my comments. I was afraid she didn't know who I was so I kept reminding her. When we said goodbye she said, "You're such a sweetie and I love you so much."

I was so afraid I wouldn't hear that again...thank God things worked out so easily.

Met Gail, a new friend at Ruby Tuesday in Fayetteville for Lunch Saturday at around 2ish. I didn't tell Al about it...not because it was a secret but because when we talked the night before, all he could do was complain about things. I just never mentioned it. So he calls me when we're getting ready to pay the bill...asked why wasn't I at work, where was I, etc....

Threw him off a bit when I said I was at Ruby Tues having lunch with Gail. He hadn't heard of Gail and I think he wondered if I was up to something...but I volunteered to drop by his work with her...I think that soothed his doubts...

She had to work and we parted soon after Al's call. I did some shopping and then drove to Al's Hadn't been home long...when he called and said he was getting off early and we were going out!!!! He was home by 7 and we went to dinner and a movie! I guess it occurred to him that I really am serious about making new friends in Fayetteville and not sitting around while he works. I'm not looking to replace Al...I only want to spread my wings a bit and do things besides his housework and cooking.

Today has been an average Mundane..I mean Monday... hope everyone's groovin'.

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