Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You say Pancakes...I say Pa...Yuk!!!

There are a lot of foods that I downright don't like but have learned to tolerate such as any type of BBQ sauce or sweet & sour pork/chicken/mystery meat. The foods I detest with passion are few. Pancakes and yams/sweet potatoes were the first on my list for years until I had some pickled ginger with sushi one day in 1997.

Talk about something that's nasty tasting!!! If you ever trick me into eating some, I suggest you run into the next zip code if you don't want it spewed all over you and keep running, don't stop because I will chase you down and kick your ass. Pray as you run that I'm not in Goddess mode and strike you down with bolts of lightning or hail the size of watermelons.

Pancakes have always felt like paper in my mouth once they get soggy with syrup. I have to concentrate on imaginary little fairies and butterflies just so I can get them down. That's why if you ever see me eat any, they're gone fast...as soon as the syrup makes its first splash. Gulp..they're gone. And I rarely take the time to make any...I mean YUK..who wants soggy pancakes.

But my nephew William loves them and I find it's about the only thing he'll eat at my house for breakfast. I keep a box of Hungry Jack on hand and make them for him. I never read the instructions and just add water until the batter looks right. He's with me Tues, Thurs and Sat mornings, so I have to make them more often that I like...and I guess he likes them, because he eats all that I cook. And sometimes ask for more.

This morning as I made coffee, it occurred to me that I should take more interest in cooking foods that I don't like--which is something I have a hard time doing. Now don't get me wrong, I am an excellent cook and excel in any food I love.

So I go the box out and read the directions and followed them to a T.... proudly arrange them on a plate which I place in from of my little man and paitently wait for the 'wow' factor to appear.

William takes one look at them and says,"I thought you were cooking pancakes. What is this stuff?"

Looks like I don't need any stinkin' instructions after all.

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sarah hb said...

Adding water to make batter? That's craaazy! It's amazing/terrifying what kids will eat and actually enjoy from a box that will last until about 2012 or something. Tasty tasty preservatives and MSG.