Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Report

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that all you Pops out there had a great Father's Day, even if you mighta been in dangerous situations hiding from Ligthning in porta potties.

We had a nice late lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Ben and I played checkers there... I won the first game even though I tried to let him win... I still won..with a 4 man jump with a king! Or I should say a Queen, since I'm a girl. Then on the second game, he cheated so I called it a default and declared the game over. I had a delicious chicken salad on lettuce. First time I tried one of the salads and I highly recommend it.

After we got home, mom and her John came by. I had a small gift for him and a funny card. Every Father's day I get him a very unique wind chime for the patio and this year I added a fun gift... a hula girl in a grass skirt with swinging hips. He loved it.

I left for Al's at around 6 pm. He called right before I left and made me promise to drive safely. He was insistent about it... I got a little irritated with him because I am a very safe driver. I was about five miles from exit 46 on I-95, when I came up on a Semi-truck that wasn't going very fast. I looked in my mirrors to check the traffic behind...twice and only saw a gray car about ten car lenghts behind me. I put on the turn signal and was pulling into the passing lane when I heard a noise behind my rear view mirror I saw a guy on a motorcycle bearing down on me at excess speeds. I thought, "Where did HELL did you come from?" Then jerked the truck back into the right lane. I was so close to the Semi that I couldn't see his license tag. The motorcycle wizzed by in a blur and was gone... I bet he was going over 100 mph. I got back in the passing lane to go around the Semi and didn't see the cycle... only a faint image of him ...he was swerving in and out of lanes.

We were inches from a crash. I believe he would have been killed instantly, I would have been hurt badly and the Semi not hurt at all. I don't understand why these speedos on cycles or sports cars have to drive like bats out of hell. HE never once slowed down...and I'm not sure how he would have squeezed between me and a Semi.

Al's fears were justified. I didn't tell him about the almost accident. He worries enough.

We had a nice enough evening. Watched RV on TBS. That show sucked eggs... Robin Williams was rather subdued in it until the veral ramble at the end. We kept seeing that M&M ice commerical where the yellow one takes the red one's eyes and puts them on the ice cream. Now I'm craving some ...'s been mellow but busy. And I should amble back over to my photo program.

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John said...

We watched the same movie...wellthe wife and mom-in-law did. I roamed in and out, and caught the M&Ms commercials.