Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday ...

very hot today... around 90 but the humidity is 100%, giving moi a sticky feeling when I go out side.

The Corner Gossip store officially closed down last week. So Dad's actually working during the day instead of gossiping...and getting things done. I've been cleaning out some of the back rooms that have stuff stored from our move in 94. I'm waiting for a merchant on our block to complain about all the boxes I stuff in the dumpster...

My Uncle dropped more stuff off at my house. I'm rather tired of it all. Then he called to tell me not to sell some of the candy equipment (some of it's worth at least a thousand--like the industrial scales and the industrial fudge machine). I didn't tell him that I hadn't planned on it... those things won't sell for what they're worth on a yard sale...I had planned to place ads for them. But will gladly hand them back over...in a way I don't feel right about selling all this stuff in the first place... and part of me resents having to sort out the trash from the good and dump it for them.

But it will all be over June 7 after 2 pm...and then I'm gonna take a long shower, count my quarters, dollars and other cents...and make a big picture of Sunrise Sangria.

Al has to be at work by 3 pm...and I'll be relaxing.

He's off Sunday. Maybe we'll go to a movie or something.

His birthday is June 11. I've gotten some of his birthay presents but not all. So far a phone (he breaks them often) and a Hotel California Tee...which I wish I had gotten me one of now. Both items were on sale!!

Haven't heard from Sam... so I sent his wife an email. She's on myspace and is a pretty nice lady. I hope I hear something soon.

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