Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump de hump day

What's up with Shaq getting his tin badge revoked? Didn't he learn anything from the Andy Griffth Show? Barney could teach him the 411 on deputy-ing.

From 11 am until 1 pm, I have been so stressed that I thought my ears were gonna blow off. Why? One word: Dad. One would think that after 19 years of dealing with poverty stricken Robesonians he would realize that they don't understand that a working week has five days. And if he tells customers that photos will be ready in ten days, that means ten working days. They start counting the second they leave an order...and Dad should know this and tell them exactly what DATE the order will be ready.

So...Shere has been taking calls and dealing with walk-ins..all expecting orders to be ready TODAY...when it will probably be Monday before the orders are in.

And where is Dad... why isn't he dealing with his customers so I can get my work done for my customers? I have no idea.

But it's calm now...and I took the moments of quiet and deep breathing...and feel my balance return. Whoever invented deep breathing should be crowned King or Queen of Air or something airomatic or maybe Buddhist Breathing...or ... (hell, I feel so unwitty at the moment...just insert the title you deem proper.)


John said...

I'll be honest. If someone tells me 10 days and doesn't specify "business" days, I'm counting weekends. I fully understand if the do say "business" days, but if they don't, Saturday and Sunday are in play.

Painter Lady said...

Same here. In fact, I prefer a date to be given. When I have a client leave an order, I look at the calendar and figure out what day I'll probably get to it and then allow a few extra days, unless it's a rush job...or if I'm caught up.

And if I have some sort of delay...I immediately phone my client and explain why the order won't be ready on time.

It's so simple to do this but so many business fail to. I dont' understand why.