Thursday, June 05, 2008

Horrible News

Yesterday while I was driving to Al's, I kept getting this nagging urge to call home. But I ignored it...

as soon as I walked inside the house today, my brother informed me that Granny has colon cancer. Jewel, her husband called yesterday afternoon and told mom about it.

We'll know more after extensive tests are performed.

First Alzheimer's this. We decided not to tell her yet...with her memory as bad as it is, she won't remember. I told Mom we would have to take it one day at a time...and pray that God take care of Granny and to give us strength to face this.

So if you pray, remember her in your prayers. It means a lot to me if you do.


John said...

I do, and I will :)

Bob said...

Hon, I am speechless... yes, she and you and everyone will be in my prayers, as you always are... but especially now... *big hug*