Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday morning ramble

I had a refreshing evening last night. No TV (except for 15 mins of Sweeney Todd--too much singing and the last half of Shrek 3--I love that movie.)..just silence in the house. I love a quiet house. My spirit regenerates during these silences.

So I grilled a small steak, baked a potato and steamed some broccoli. A nice meal..ended it with a peanut butter ice sandwich. Yum...

Did some laundry. Downloaded some audio books. Colored my hair--a very dark brown, although the box promised it would be medium brown. I'm glad I didn't leave it on the total time expected. It's not bad looking. In fact it's the same color it was when I was a young girl. The nephews won't like it. They got a kick out of the reddish 'braid' pattern I had in it. William asked if his hair had one.

Started the 3rd Narnia book--A Horse and His Boy. Some of the writing is too simple, yes I know it's written for kids but so were the Harry Potter series. I wonder if JK Rowling really understands the miracle of writing she created with that series.

Talked to Sam yesterday ...first time since his surgery. When he answered the phone and realized it was me he said, "About time! I was thinking about you yesterday. I thought 'I miss my girl. She better call soon or I'm gonna have to." He's doing much better. Still can't see out of his left eye but he's been told it will get better. He said that he's not wearing the patch anymore. He's such a knuckle head when it comes to taking care of himself. I hope he's following the Doc's orders. You don't play around with your sight.

Got the webcam up for the boys. Haven't tried it out yet. I'll let them goof off with it tonight. William is going to spend a few hours with me at work later today. He'll play games on the old PC and I hope that keeps him occupied for the whole time. I've got some work to do today that's due out tomorrow.

So... I'll send this along with wishes for a great day and a wonderful weeknd if I don't get back.

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Stephen B said...

I'm sure Ms Rowling appreciates the miracle of her writing every time she looks at her bank account!