Monday, June 23, 2008

Mundane Monday

I'm having one of my 'funky' days and not in a good old fashion Funk way. Most months I can control the depression that comes with PMDD (Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder). Today at least is one of these days.

My weekend was ok. I had to bring some of my work to Al's with me. An old-fashioned hand tint of a lady from the 70's. It turned out rather nice. Another beneficial aspect of this is that I had to go through my oil paints and toss out the bad to get to the good. Now I'm more organized that I was.

I hadn't done an oil painting in ages. Now I want to pull out a canvas and create a masterpiece. But first...I want to refinish this little white table I have..paint it white and then paint bamboo on it. (Yes, I probably have mentioned this already. Not only is it Mundane's also Répétez Monday.)

Al wasn't in the best of moods this weekend. He's been having problems with a punk at work whom I believe it trying to instigate a fight with Al so Al will get fired. On top of that, Al's day off was yesterday and his golfing plans fell through. I know Al well enough to let him work out his 'steam' alone and to stay in the background, keep calm if he is short with me and to just be happy. SO I did. By 4 pm, he was in a better mood and we enjoyed an afternoon of cooking and dancing. I think part of the reason we work is that we know when to give the other person some space.

Been re-reading Jurassic Park the novel at Al's. Finished it last night and was reminded of the issue I have with the sequel Lost World. In the Jurassic Park epilogue, it states that Hammond and Malcolm's bodies weren't released for burial, yet Malcolm (Jeff Goldberg's character) is the main character of the Lost World sequel. I hate that there's no explanation and it's like an insult to my intelligence that I'm suppose to over look the epilogue and enjoy the sequel.

A weird effect from reading the novel last night: I dreamt of dinosaurs and...John "Cougar" Mellencamp. He was singing "Ain't even done with the night" to baby dinosaurs. I guess...trying to get them to sleep or something. Just real weird to dream that..and on top of it, I keep hearing the song in my head.

I see that George Carlin died. He was a funny guy and I enjoyed him up until the past 8 or so years, when it seemed that every time I saw him on HBO or in interviews, he was bashing God and the people who believe in God. When I first heard him do this, I thought it was just for the show, but later I found out that he was a practicing Atheist. If that's his cup of tea, it's his business. But what really offended me bad enough for me to destroy the comedy cassettes I owned of him was when he said that one of the Ten Commandments was "Keep thy religion to thyself."... yet he didn't. When he was a guest on Bill Mahr's HBO show...they joined forces together against God and that's not right... I prefer not to burn just from listening to that trash... so am I sorry he's dead. I am in a major way because he was a funny person but I also wonder...if he's happy burning in Hell.

Is it me...or does the TV Guide harp more on reality shows than on non-reality shows in their issues? Television as I knew it sure has changed. I do love one reality show--Survivor but I have yet to figure out what's so great about American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

This week is gonna be a quiet one at work. I've got some work due out by Friday but none of it is very difficult, so I'll pace myself and smell some roses.

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John said...

Your comments on Carlin are right on when it comes to people who want you to keep your views to yourself if you don't agree with them (and I'll try not to stereotype and use the 'L' word.) It's an interesting double standard to watch for.

Some folks are very quick to jump on the 'freedom of speech' bandwagon when you're saying what they want to hear, but seem to want to shut you up if you're saying something they don't like. The whole 'political correctness' movement is/was based on this double standard.

..and don't even get me started on the concept of freedom of speech if you dare mention the word 'God'. Pissing on a statue of Jesus is protected speech, but don't mention Him in public. It's a strange world we live in.