Friday, June 13, 2008

Pamper me

Don't really have a big weekend planned. Working Saturday. Staying home Saturday night since we've got Father's Day to deal with. No sense in driving to F'ville because Al has to do inventory tonight and won't get home til 1 am. Sunday, we're taking Dad to Cracker Barrell for a late Father's Day lunch and then going to Al's later in the day. He's working till 7 ...but that's ok... I can get to his house and surprise him with supper.

Getting back to Saturday night... it's gonna be "Pamper the Puss" night... my brother isn't going to be home, so I will have the house to myself. Maybe I'll cook some salmon or something that I love for dinner...drink some wine and so my nails and stuff like that... Every woman needs a "Pampering" evening alone ever once in a while.

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