Thursday, June 05, 2008


We're in the middle of a ten day heatwave...and it's not pretty. Temps are at 98 F and it feels hotter. Bad air warnings out and I just chided a customer for riding his bike to see me in this temperature at this time of day. His comment was "I'm 88 and if I have to go in a heatwave, that's find with me."

I had no comment...well, I did but I bit my tongue.

And our AC is went our Monday and I heard Dad tell the guy that 'anytime' he can come by is fine... that's not what you tell repairmen...because they'll put the "I-need-someone-out-here-NOW" people ahead of the "whenever" people.

I may leave if it gets hotter... I like being a hotty but not quite like this!!!

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John said...

We're feeling the same heat wave. Thank God for a sea breeze. It ain't much, but I'll take just about anything.

As for bike riding...only in the early morning or just before dusk. Defiinitely not midday.