Monday, June 02, 2008

Curls, Tanks and Shrimp

I had an ok weekend. Spent most of it working on the yard sale stuff. Satuday evening and part of Sunday, Al and I had a major 'different views' issue regarding one of his friends. He couldn't relate to my view and I couldn't understand his...

He went off to work and called me about an hour before he was scheduled to get off work...and of course the issue was brought up by him and we began a heated dispute... after about 2 mins of the same conversation we had the night before and that morning, I knew we wouldn't see eye2eye ever so I suddenly said in a voice so sweet I could give people diabetes, "Well, honey I know you need to work, so I'll let you go and talk to you when you get home."

Total silence on his end...then I said goodbye before he could gather his thoughts.

He and I have our own visions and perceptions on life. There are going to be moments when they collide. It's how we handle these moments that will either make us or break us...I'm determined they shall not break us.

After I hung up, I got a shower, dried my hair, curled it so that soft curls fell around my face, made dinner--shrimp alfredo and garlic bread--then changed into short shorts, a form-fitting green tank top (no bra--yeah I play dirty)and bare feet.

When he got home, I could tell my his expression that we were on the same page--let it drop--it's not important. We had a nice dinner, some laughs, lots of cuddles and kisses and I felt like teh sexiest woman in the world.

Then when I was getting dessert (chocolate pie, Al said "Sher Bears, your top is inside out."


He stood up and pulled the side out so I could see in the seam...which should have been on the inside. Damn, I did that happen?

So I faked it..and said, "That's how you wear this tank top...inside out."

He laughed..."OooOOooookaaaaay!" And pulled me to him...smelling my hair.

I was glad he didn't pick on me like he usually does... maybe it was the fragrance of my soft curls that did it...or the fact that like me...he was happy to be smiling.

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