Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty pretty pretty good day!

I got some great news about Granny.(Mom drove over to see her doctors yesterday and spent the day at Granny's) I really shouldn't have gotten so upset until I heard the final diagnosis and I'm a little mad at myself because I know better--during the first exam they removed a lot of polyps that were pre-cancerous. The doctors think they got them all. And there's a rare tumor in her colon that can be removed by surgery. She'll have to take some chemo but there won't be any aggressive treatments. The doctors were very upbeat and personal. They all think the world of Granny. She's lucky it's such a small community, because I believe she deserves such personal treatment after all the years she's spent helping others.

~ ~ ~ ~
And I got a surprise vistor at work yesterday--Ben. School got out at 1 pm and my sister called to ask if he could stay with me for a few hours. He passed his grade and his report card marks were the highest you could get for the final term. We're so proud of him. He went from 2's to 4's. Thank God we found out he was ADHD or he would probably be repeating his grade. So, he spent the afternoon with me, helping me do some work and other things. Talked my head off but he's gonna be a chatty kid.

I took him down to the Johnny's Hot Dog truck to get a few hot dogs. Downtown we call them "johnny dogs." As we stood in line, Ben who can read some words, read "Johnny's Hot Dogs" to everyone that came up. He would say, "Hey Sir or Miss, this says "Johnny's Hot Dogs." One of the men in line told Ben that he should eat a pickled eggs. And that he would buy it for him. Ben couldn't quite grasp the 'pickled egg' concept and kept saying "You mean a pickle and an egg?" Everyone around us laughed.

Then when we were leaving, our downtown police officer was outside our door. Poingint at Ben Bug, he asked, "Miss Sherrie who's this little fellow?"

I said, "This is my youngest nephew Ben. He's 7 and just passed his grade. He'll be in the second this fall." To Ben I said, "Ben this is our policeman Office Scott. Say hi."

Officer S held out his hand and said, "Pleased to meet you, Ben." Ben took it ever so solemn and nodded. This one was time I wished I had a camera phone, so I could have captured the moment when Ben's little paw was engulfed in a massive hand and gently shook.

~ ~ ~ ~

Later when my sister picked up Ben, she showed me the boys report cards... William is on the A/B honor! An Honor student. I'm so proud and am taking part credit for it. We worked hard this year and to think that 8 years ago we thought he would never get beyond a 3 yr-old level due to Autism. I really and truthfully believe that love can conquer much if you believe it can.

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Bob said...

That is great news about your Granny and about the boys... I know you're bustin' with pride! Congrats to the boys, and my prayers are still with your Granny and all of your family, hon... xoxo