Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rambling Rose ...Me

I spent a great part of my workday restoring photos and getting files ready for the lab, just so I could have a light day at work and goof off a bit. Dad has a shot scheduled from 2 til 7 at RCC. So I'll be here alone, minding the store and printing orders. Oh and goofing off online...almost forgot

Granny's surgery has been re-scheduled for next Friday due to a conflict in the surgical arena. Mom had to reschedule her day off work and we'll have to figure out how to shuffle the nephews around. I talked to Granny for a few mins last night. It's so heartbreaking to hear a woman who once had the gift of gab in abundance become a woman of little words.

William told me a secret yesterday: "You have to be over 13 years old to perform brain surgery." I was amazed... I thought you had to have a degree or something. He said in 3 and a half years he can legally perform brain surgery. Remind me to RUN FOR THE HILLS...when he turns 13. My brain doesn't need to be fiddled with.

My sister lent me her complete volume of Narina books--all rolled into one. I read the Magician's Nephew last week. It was quite funny in parts, especially when the animals weren't sure if Uncle Albert was a plant or an animal...and decided he was a plant and planted him up to his knees in dirt. I laughed at that. Now I'm reading the L-W-W and it's much like the movie so far. Written very simple, so it's easy to get through. I'll reserve judgement for now though.

While chatting just now with J about exercising, I was reminded of my unhealthy fear of treadmills and escalators. Wonder what the name of that phobia is? Hmmm... you'll never get me on a treadmill...I can see myself being thrown off it into the wall...but I do occasionally ride up and down escalators. I wish I could say I hold my fear well when on an escalator but I don't. I have had plenty of panic attacks. Once Mom and my sister had to get on each side of me and help me get off one. Now another story... He practically forces me to ride them and holds me tight until we reach the top or bottom. He laughs at me but I really don't care. It's as if his laughter will cure my phobia. NOT.. I just shrug my shoulders and say, "So..."

I know.. great comeback.

J suggests that a Chippendale guy be placed at the top and bottom of escalators... to keep me calm and focused. It might work but only if that thong is distractable. And it has to be a big distraction.

Earlier this morning, I was brushing my hair and watching myself in the mirror when I noticed these funny red stripes running in different patterns in my hair. It hit me... the sun always turns my hair a bright red if it can and I've been outside often with my hair braided!!! So the sun's left it's crazy red mark on me. That means I'll have to color my hair to get rid of this crazy pattern. No one notices it when my hair is in a long braid but it's very noticable when i wear it down. Oh bother! Guess I'll do it tomorrow evening...

My brother is going on a trip to Myrtle Beach until Sunday. So I'll have the house to myself tomorrow night. I plan to install the new web cam and now...color my hair so it's not a freak show attraction.

Jeez... I better stop rambling here and get some things done so I can come back and ramble later.

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Stephen B said...

I hate escalators (and elevators) and always search for the stairs. I make the excuse that I need the exercise!