Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lobster Tails, June Bug and homemade Wine...

Al's birthday dinner was very nice. We were going to have sushi but the place we wanted to go was closed for some sort of repair, so we went to the 316 Oysterbar/Seafood house. It's nice...lots of neon lights and noise. They've got an expensive menu and we helped ourselves.

I ordered a cup of clam chowder, lobster alfredo with a lobster tail and grilled shrimp on pasta covered in a creamy lobster sauce with steamed tender green beans, corn-on-the-cob and a salad--which the waitress forgot to bring out--but it was ok, since there was so much food.. (yes I took 80 % of it home)... and I had a mixed drink called June was ok, not very strong with a lot of fruit juice and sweet&sour mix.

Al had oysters on the half-shell, a lobster combination platter with a lobster tail, grilled fan-tail shrimp, grouper and scallops. I forgot what sides he got.

At the end of the meal, we split a dessert--double chocolate chunk cake--it was a chocolate mouse with white chunks of cream cheese and white chocolate on a chocolate graham cracker crust moisted with sweet chocolate syrup. I took one bit and it was too rich and decadant for me. I like to save my decadence for times I can really enjoy it. ;)

Al soaked it all up--he didn't leave anything to take home. I was amazed at the bill... it came close to 100 bucks but the company was paying. I think what amazed me the most was the fact that the cake was as much as my mixed drink.

When we got home, Al gave me a glass of homemade wine that a guy that works with him made. I took one sip and in that sip was more alcohol than in the mixed drink I had at 316. I sipped it as we talked and watched a little TV...mostly talking.

A commerical for the "Dawn of the Dead" movie came on and I said in a quiet voice, sorta musing aloud "Zombies...I can do without them."

Al didn't say anything, kept watching the commerical...then I said, "Glad they're extinct."

He slowly turned his head to me, looked at me over his glasses, smirked and said, "I know someone who's got a buzz."

He was right!!! I didn't realize it until he said so...and once I realized it, I was self-conscious and tried to make intellectual conversation... something you shouldn't do when you've had two glasses of homemade wine. At one point, I said "Godfather Clause" instead of "Grandfather Clause", which Al was quick to point to cover my mistake I did a poor impression of the Godfather...and impressions are something I NEVER do... I fell silence after that...though I was very tipsy I could see that Al was stifling his laughter and that I would hear about it later.

After the second glass, I stopped because I was headed for a bad drunk and I didn't need the headache that follows the next morning. So I turned in dreamed of stomping on gremlins (yep like in the movie)... hate to have that one analyzed.

But over all, Al had a nice birthday. I was sorta sorry for him though...none of his family called nor sent cards and it drove home how much of the black sheep he is. I know if I hadn't of been there, he would have spent a very depressed evening.

He called a while ago and said that he was glad I was his girlfriend and thanked me for making his birthday fun. Then as he hung up, he said, "I'll talk to you tonight... Godfather."

I know him...he'll have me doing Godfather impressions to entertain his friends... guess I better start practicing...

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