Monday, June 09, 2008

yard sales, tank top tans and walking coffee mugs

Well, the yard sale went well...even if there was a heatwave... I made more than I thought because the temp at 11 am was 99 F. Many people ask me how I did on the yard sale and I say "I got a tank top tan for free. How much better can it get?"

I think they want to know how much money I made but won't come out and ask...and I'm not telling... thought it was much better than anticipated.

Sold about half the stuff. I had all 6 tables full and the clothing racks full. And still couldn't get every thing on the table. When it was all over... I had 9 empty boxes and just 8 left that says a lot to me.

All morning I kept hearing people say, "Hey, here's a mug full of coffee." Yep, my cup ...I kept putting it down to go help people. I kept waiting for someone to ask me how much it was.

Over all..a productive sale even if I got too hot and spent most of Sunday recuperating. Al had to be at work by 1pm... and couldn't help me break things down and pack them back up. So I would spend 20 mins packing, then go inside and cool off for 20 mins, and so it took me from 1 pm until 7:30 pm to get everything put away. The neighbors took pity on me and came over to help me get the tables in the truck. I was so thankful...

Once I was done, I took a long cool shower and napped until 9 pm... then promptly let the cat out by mistake... talk about being mad. She hid in the bushes behind the house--there's poison ivy in them dar bushes...arrrrr... so I couldn't get her out of there in the dark. She stayed out until 11 pm...

Al was furious with me. I reminded him that he's let her out by mistake 3 to my 1 time. She finally came to the door on her own. I knew no amount of bribes would work and suggested that Al try to bribe her, because she'll connect running outside to getting treats. All day Sunday, she knew she was in trouble and hid from us.

Sunday was my lazy day...Al was off and we cooked and hung out. I kept taking 15 min naps and I'm glad I did or I wouldn't have made it to work today. Al said that the reason I was so tired was that I wasn't used to such strenous physical activity (packing and carrying boxes). I told him that it was the sun that zapped me. Hell, it was 105 F at 2 pm and I was in and out of the heat from 6 am until 7:30 pm)... and still I survived.

It's mighty early in the spring to be having a heatwave like we're having..this type of weather doesn't hit until July and August...I fear that it will be even worse during those months.

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John said...

The youngster and I went bike riding Saturday morning. I got him up at 7:00 and we were on the road by 7:30. He was complaining the whole way about getting him up for no reason to go riding that early. I had to tell him, it ain't for no reason. Early is the only time it's cool enough to do that semi-comfortably. If we wait till felt what it's like.