Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some Photos

The old church where we hold our family reunion every year...still has a lot of the original wood. My Great-great grandparents were one of the founding families.

This is a turtle that passed through the yard one morning while I was outside watering flower. Hi, Mr. Turtle.

Two of my orignial watercolors that hang in the breakfast knook. They were one of the first ones I did and I hated it... why 'it' and not them? Because these two were once one painting. I hated how the people turned out and thought I would just frame the 'ocean' part. When I showed it to my framer Mary--she's also my second Mom, she said loved it. Then I told her about not liking the other half. She asked me to bring it to her...and said she would frame both of them and if I liked them I could pay for the framing...if not she would display them for sale in her gallery.

She was right...they look so much better matted and framed. I had to have them for the breakfast knook.

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Bob said...

Thanks for posting, I feel I'm now thoroughly caught up in SherrieLand and I've even learned some new things... personally, I hate elevators, but I can deal if it's only a few floors... love your watercolors too! *hug*