Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Go Dog Go!

Al sent me to Pet Smart to get some cat food for the Cat. I was amazed at all the dogs in there with their humans, buying stuff or just hanging around. I saw no shoppers with cats or rabbits or birds or snakes...just dogs... big ones mostly.

I carefully walked by them, worrying if I should make contact with the huge dogs that were almost eye level to me. It amused me a little how one petless woman kept walking up to dogs, asking their humans if she could pet the dogs. Hmmmm...wonder if I can do that at places I see a handsome man with a woman... what would the woman do if I went up to her and asked, "Can I pet your man?"

As I walked through the parking lot after making my purchase, I spied a small 2-dr compact car. I noticed that it was sorta rocking a little, so I slowed down to take a peek. Outside the car was a lovely young lady urging a huge black great dane out of the car. It was half in and half out, wagging its tail in the face of a small baby, around 2 months old. The baby had a 'WTF?' expression on its little face. I bit back a laugh. I got in the truck and watched the lady finally get the dog out of the tiny car and tell it to 'stay.' It stood watching me as I laughed. Then the lady struggled to get the infant out of its car seat. What a funny sight as the trio made their way to the store...the dog pulling the lady and the lady trying to keep the jiggling baby on her hip. How brave she is...to take a trip to the pet store with a horse-dog and a squalling baby...all in a compact!

If I ever own a dog, I guess I'll understand the allure of taking it to the pet store with me. Until that day comes...I'll have to settle for taking my pet rock along.

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Stephen B said...

Hey, I used to read that Go Dog Go book to my nephews. Might still have a beat up copy of it here somewhere.

I also used to visit Pet Smart with 'rhymes-with-you-know-who' and her Saluki. Sometimes she'd talk me into bringing along one of her other dogs but I think she knew all too well that I wasn't exactly into it.