Thursday, May 08, 2008

Schoolyard Politics

The nephews are enrolled in the afterschool program at the daycare where Mom and Lisa work. A daycare van picks them up (most days) from the elementary school and drops them off at the daycare.

It seems Ben has gotten into trouble while riding the bus. He and a few of his little buddies got into an argument with some girls. According to the 'sweetest girl at the daycare' Ben told her that he "was gonna hit her with a rock and kill her family."

I laughed when I heard Lisa telling Mom about it and watched her have a 'talk' with Ben about it. She said, "Ben, Macy said that you told her you were going to hit her with a rock (he framed an explanation on his lips when he heard this part) and kill her family (then got wide-eyed and shocked when she said this)."

He tried to explain but she went into a lecture about not being mean to sweet girls and never threaten to hurt or kill anyone.

Personally I don't believe he threatened to kill her family...because when he and William or Uncle John play soldiers or army or Star Wars or any fighting game, he always insists that the bad guys are wounded...never dead.

And I know a few things about 'sweet nice girls' because I was labeled thus all through my lower education years and I was anything but sweet.

Probably somewhere in the statement a grain of truth begun and as we all know the youngsters can take something and run with it. Ben probably did say some things he shouldn't and I imagine the other kids were putting in their share of it.

After the lecture I said, "Ben next time threaten her with a wet noodle."

My mom and Lisa both jumped on me about it...and I can see their point...any sort of threat isn't a good thing. So I simply said, "Well Ben, since you can't use physical force, play dirty.... tell the girl that if she doesn't be nice to you that you'll marry her when she's older."

That's a more menacing threat that throwing rocks

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