Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nothing like...

a quickie in the morning!

Having a fab cup of coffee right now..yummmmm

Yesterday was really busy. I got caught up with my current orders and spent most of the day working on deliquent accts--calling them, etc. Then I went through the old files on the PC...burning them to CD, etc.

At around 4 pm, three of my favorite customers popped in, one behind the other with orders for me to do and then 3 new customers came in with some stuff. Now I'm swamped again. One of my customers wasn't too happy with Dad. He put his thumb on the scale and charged her twice what I usually do... I hate when he does that. This only makes me want to leave that much sooner. Luckily I soothed her soul and she left happy, while Dad became unhappy with me. I waited for the usual "we'll never make money if you give your work away" speech but he didn't.

I noticed a 'sadness' to him. It's finally sunk in that I'm leaving and he'll have to deal with things on his own. He'll have to figure out how to fix his own messes and actually work instead of socializing.

Yesterday afternoon my brother and I went to get some more stuff out of my uncle's 'trailer'. My cousin Lee and his family were home...when they saw us drive up to the trailer, they high-tailed it out there. After all it was his wife's stuff. She let me have a few things but kept most of the stuff. I'm sure my uncle won't be happy but I really don't want to get caught up in a dispute that they've had over this stuff for the last 4 years.

He's got 3 of the cutest girls-7, 6, and 2. The middle one Leia asked if she could live in the back of my truck. I laughed and said that if her parents said yes, she could. Then pointed out that there was no TV, air conditioning, bed, bathroom, etc in there. That she would have to use a litter box and drink water out of a bucket. She had no problem with that--go figure! Then she disappeared for a very long time. We were getting ready to leave and her she comes across the backyard, pulling a large suitcase (those with the handle and wheels) stuffed to the gills, a smaller Dora the Explorer suitcase and a SpongeBob SquarePants backpack.

The little dear had packed all her clothes, all her favorite toys and books. When she pulled the suitcase to the back of the truck I asked if she had asked her parents. She didn't answer instead she said, "I've decided that I don't want to live in the truck. I'll stay in your house."

I looked over at Lee and he shook his head. So I told her the rules at my house:

1) No SpongeBob or Dora.

2) We drink Goat's Milk.

3) We eat spinach.

4) We go to bed at 5 pm.

5) No Barbies allowed.

6) No McDonald's, etc.

7) We sleep outside with chickens.

I can't remember the rest...and she had an answer for each. When her dad realized nothing I said was gonna change anything, he went over and took her suitcase and told her she was staying. The poor baby ran to the house crying. Broke my heart.

She came out a little later and asked if she could come stay with me sometime. I told her she could and that I would call her mom to see when a good time was.
That seemed to quell her for the moment.

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