Thursday, May 01, 2008

Nothing much to say...

...but I'm sure something will pop out of the keyboard.

Feeling very sleepy today. I think the toll of being sick last week is catching up with me. When I get off, I've been trying to catch up on housework and yard duty. Not resting like I should. Maybe after CSI goes off, I'll hit the hay for an early night...maybe...

Been having woes with Page Builder on the yahoo website create/manage area...thingie. I guess I'll have to download Sitebuilder to get the pages finished. My website will be more professional looking...sorta hate to lose the 'Sherrie' touch.

Can't believe it's Thursday. The week has flown by. My brother and I are going out for Chinese food tonight... I think or maybe to a local steakhouse. I bet he leaves it up to me to decide.

What about Survivor? I'm betting Cierie will win. There have been a lot of bonehead moves this time around.

Going to Al's this weekend. I think time apart makes him appreciate me more. We'll see if he's done any housework these past few weeks.

That's about it I think.... hmmm.. yep that's it...for now.

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