Friday, May 09, 2008

Hard Wood

Flooring is I have to put all the stuff back in place and clean up the carport.

Not feeling the best in the world today... starting to get congested again and am very droozy....I knew I was out of things when I put instant coffee in the coffe maker instead of ground coffee...and yes, it tasted like crap.

I've decided to cook dinner for Mom as part of a Mother's Day gift and have Lisa and her family over. Al doesn't know it yet, but I'm not going over there until Sunday afternoon...if then.

Though it would be fun to watch the Survivor finale. This has been a surprisingly good season. I was skeptical at first because of the All-Stars edition, which sucked eggs in my book--all those pros letting Rob-father run the show when they had the power to put him down...that drove me nuts.

I know one thing...I've missed my nephews this week. William hung out for a while yesterday afternoon. We worked on his math and then played at

When I get off, I've got to run to Office Depot to get ink for the new (used off ebay) printer I got for home and then drop by the bank... I think the boys are staying. Ben wants me to help him make a Mother's Day card for his Mom. William is dying to get the new printer installed. He wants to print out pictures from the Spiderwick Chronicles movie.

And me... I think I'll turn in early so I can face a busy weekend. Be well and take care.

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