Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hard wood

...floors! That's what is going on at my house. I decided to take up some of the old carpet and put down flooring. Especially since the carpet is really old and worn. I must say it all looks nice so far...and I think it will help with my allergies.

Plus increase the value of my home. ;)


John said...

I was all with ya at the title and then I got to...floors?

Seriously though, I'll bet it looks nice, helps the allergy situation, helps the house value and is easier to keep clean. We did that thing last year and it does all that.

Painter Lady said...

Yep...has been sorta depressing--having all that 'hard wood' and not being able to enjoy it.

But seriously, I can tell a difference in the house already. Eventually, I'll have the whole house done.