Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Coughy and Coffee

Man, my cough is back... I swear my lungs just won't stay clear.

I've decided that McDonald's has the best coffee in the fast-food world. I crown them King.

And how about that Burger King robot who's good with his hands??? I wonder if that pack of rabid moms ran over the real Burger King King and now they're having to use a robot in the commericals.

For the longest time I've thought that the Burger King King was the creepiest fast-food mascot, but I've changed my mine. That jack-in-the-box man-thing is pret-ty scary.

But getting back to me... I've gotten a load of advice about how to get rid of this congestion eat a handful of raw garlic or drink down two tablespoons of vinegar a day, get some moonshine and honey and lemon--make a hot totty or toddy or toady or love potion.... rub an onion on my throat and chest before I go to sleep..

home remedies... maybe I should experiement with these fast fixes and then do a major article for a health site on oh yea..that's the ticket...

maybe not... I don't think I can stand smelling onion all night.

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Stephen B said...

I've concluded that the only solution is to move to a Caribbean island and spend all day lying in the sun and breathing in the sea breeze. I'd sure like to try the experiment, anyway!