Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I must confess I was skeptical of how good this movie would be. I knew it had great battle scenes, but that doesn't guarantee a great flick. And after watching the first one, I wasn't all that impressed.

And I now confess that I was WRONG! What a great movie! Even better than the first one. Though a lot darker than the first one, the battle scenes weren't horrific or bloody. Nor were they fact I had no idea what was going to happen nor could I predict it.

The siblings were all more likable this time. No squabbling other than normal stuff. They banded together and... Ed kinda grew on me in this flick...well, I better not give too much away.

I'll say this..Prince Caspian is a hottie. Hubba hubba...a little young for me..that's why I channeled my lust to one of the centaurs... a man beast I can ride in more ways than one. (heh heh)

Two of the dwarves were very familiar to me.. Trumpkin was the dwarf from Nip/Tuck and Nikabrik plays Flitwick on the Harry Potter movies and the dwarf in the movie Willow.

So if you want to see a great movie, I suggest you drop in on Prince Caspian and friends. They won't mind it a bit. Just bring a sword or bow & arrows...and some tea for the fauns.


Jo said...

Read the book... or even better... read the set... i recommend them

John said...

I expect we'll be seeing it sometime soon. We've been through the books and liked the first movie a lot, so I expect this one's pretty much a given.

Anonymous said...

My name is Amber, I'm an official ambassador for the upcoming movie City of Ember (10/10/08), I'm coming to you first because I have some exclsuive first-look pictures that you might enjoy and share with your blog readers.
Email me if you want them, I'd love to share them with you.
Bill Murray looks great as the villainous Mayor Cole. Have you heard anything about the book by Jeanne Duprau?
I really think you'd like City of Ember because of your clear enthusiasm towards Narnia.
Would love to be in touch!
Amber Baynor
Official Ambassador