Thursday, May 15, 2008


Most Thursdays I chat with Sam on the way home from work and then later after I have dinner. Today I did so after checking my post office box. We always talk about our health first. He can tell immediately if I've got any respiratory funk going on and I can tell if he's tired or under-the-weather...all by the sound of a voice.

Today I was crystal clear and he exclaimed how great I sounded and for once he didn't sound tire. But I could tell something was wrong...

turns out it's his buds--three guys he pals around with and how one of them gets 'all girly and emotional' when another does something he doesn't like. He went on to tell me all sorts of incidences that lead up to the break-up of the four buds having fun group.

After listening for 30 minutes, I started laughing and said, "Sam, this sounds like stuff high school girls fuss over. Hell, my girlfriends and I don't act like that! Where's the macho in you men?"

He said, "Exactly. I don't want to hang out with them anymore."

Then we talked about me and Al. Usually Sam has some out-of-the-box thought he tosses at me but this time all he said was, "You know, it's a tragedy Al doesn't realize he holds a precious jewel in the palm of his hand."

I didn't know what to say I said nothing. But I did think to myself, "maybe he does..."

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Jo said...

What's with the "maybe" lady...?

Of Course he Does...