Monday, May 05, 2008


I am so sleepy today.... Saturday and Sunday, I didn't take my medicine that helps loosen phelgm and give me a productive cough...because it makes me slightly groggy and I knew I needed to be alert for jury duty.

But in the middle of the night, I had a long coughing bout where I couldn't get the phelgm was horrible. So I took a tablet this morning...and now I'm groggy.

Good thing jury duty was postponed. Not just for that reason but because Dad forgot I had JD and didn't show up for work until 11:57 this morning. And we had a slight rush first thing--which is good I was here.

Sometimes I wonder about Dad's thought process. I told him all last week and 3 times on Sat that I wouldn't be here Monday...

My weekend was very restful. I was really exhausted from my drive up to see Al...and took a 3-hour nap when I got there--but only after putting on my famous lemon chicken. I felt rested and was surprised that I could sleep all night long. Al actually had done all the housework. I was totally shocked. So on Sunday, Slick the cat and I watched movies.

We saw "Darkness Falls" (I give it a C-), Constantine (I know it's nothing like the comic but I still like the movie --A-) and Pride and Prejudice (an A+++).

After the movies when off, I drove over to Walmart to get some stuff. At the check, I was surrounded by Army guys. They were so cute and friendly. I took the time to thank all of them for serving our country and for all the sacrifices they make and continue to make. And I got hugs for all of them. The cashier was teary when I got to her. She said, "I never hear people telling them that. And I'm ashamed I don't."

No matter what stance each of us has on the war....I think it's important that we show support to our guys who risk and give their lives to keep ours free.

For supper I made Shrimp Alfredo...and boy was it good. Al kept giving me two thumbs and two big toes up... never had that kind of compliment. I went to bed at 11 pm and was promptly awakened an hour later by Al, telling me a huge raccoon was staring at him through the sliding glass door. I know it's unusual but ...jeez... I'm sleeping here... I told him to ignore him or make a hat out of him. I didn't see a hat this morn, so I am safely assuming the raccoon is still alive and kicking.

I was sorta surprised at the amount of people ordered to jury duty and equally surprised at all the no-shows when they called roll. And I was very happy when the lady told me that I could come back May 19. But I know it won't be much better and but for now... I'm cool with that.

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Bob said...

Glad you're feeling better, and that you had a good weekend... and that jury duty got deferred, hehe... and I agree with you on Constantine, I really loved that movie... it's become one of those ones, like Jaws and Close Encounters, that I can always watch again... take care! :)