Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life sometimes isn't fair

My friend Doug who has the cute daughter named Emily wrote me yesterday... his ex-girlfriend died from cancer Monday. She was only 33.

They used to go out during high school but she moved away and they rekindled their romance last year and dated for almost a year. He planned to get her an engagement ring...One night she had severe pains in her side and he drove her to the emergency room...only to find out she was in the advanced stages of colon cancer.

During her first series of surgeries he stayed with her and afterwards, driving her to chemo, etc. After she began to recover she suddenly broke it off with him, giving him no excuses as to why.

But I can think of the reason...I would have done the same. I think in her heart she knew her time was limited and from what he said, she was a very spirited independent woman who thought she was doing him a favor.

He was angry with her for a few months but got over it enough to be a good friend to her up until the end.

My heart aches for him. You can deny that you love someone, you can pretend that it was meant be--the break-up and you can go about life--dating as if there never was a love in your heart...

but it's there and probably will be forever in some form or another.

Love doesn't die just because someone breaks off the relationship... not if it was true love... that lives on forever in the stars, the sun, the green of grass...

I'll say a prayer for him and for the ones she left behind... and write him a comforting email....

and then I'll say a prayer, thanking God for the love I have... and hold it dear to my soul.

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